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As anyone who has experienced a long distance move knows it is not a simple process to undertake. It requires careful planning in order to make sure that the move will transition smoothly and without a hitch. Obviously, hiring a professional moving truck company is a smart first step but there are other tips you can use to further ensure that your move will go about perfectly.  

2.) Once you have made your “to do list” next is to find the best moving companies around your area to get your plan rolling. You can find professional yet cheap moving company that can help you move your appliances so be sure to compare their service fees. 

3.) Don’t underestimate the importance of labeling! Do yourself a favor and label all the boxes and segregate each depending on the contents. For example, group all living room items together. Never mix your furniture as this is a great way to lose something in the shuffle. Not only are the names of the rooms important for labels, but also the priority for unpacking the contents. It will be best to unpack the microwave before the Crockpot! 

4.) Next tip; always bring more than what you think you need. This means that if you estimated that you are going to need about 15 boxes to fit all your furniture, bring 25 boxes. Just ask a moving truck company about this, and they will give you the same advice. There is basically no sure way to determine how many package boxes you will exactly need, so it is better to have a few extras lying around.

5.) Know that the location and distance of your new house as this will have an affect on the service estimation of moving company’s prices which means that there may be some additional fees or it could also be less. Just remember that readiness and an organized approach will help you lessen the stress of moving.

You never know, by following these simple steps you can even find out that moving to a brand new home is more fun than you originally thought. When it comes to searching for cheap moving company, always makes sure to that they are licensed to operate in your area. You can find numerous companies online so remember to compare their services and fees before deciding which one to choose. Make sure that the moving company is well equipped for moving your equipment and furniture. A moving company that has all the necessary tools to move furniture whatever the size is a sign of a professional contractor.

The Average Cost of a Move - Estimates Only
SizeLocalLong Distance
1 Bedroom $670-$830$2,200-$2,700
2 Bedroom
3 Bedroom
$ 2,700-$3400$4,200-$5,200
4 Bedroom
5 Bedroom$7,000-$8500$9,000-$10,000

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1.) First and foremost, it is important to make a list of what you need to do in order to avoid confusion. With a detailed list on hand, you can reference it if things get a little too complicated. This way you will be able to keep a clear view of your goals and the steps to take you there. Items on your list will include: buy moving boxes, pack up the kitchen, pack up the garage, change your mailing address, etc. You should also put dates next to each item on your list. This will help you stay on track and if you parse out your list over a week or two, you are less likely to become overwhelmed. There is great satisfaction in scratching items off of a list. You’ll feel productive before you even start the move! 

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